Canada 150 Celebration Tulips

The eighth in the series from The Canadian Embroiderer’s Guild of Guelph for Canada’s 150th birthday and the final segment in the series. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed sharing it with everyone. Thank you to all the stitcher’s and everyone who joined us on this journey.

These were developed especially for us and we are delighted with them. Their growth pattern is most interesting. They start blooming with light yellow buds which develop to become white with the red streaks. The leaves have a temporary light coloured edge to them. As they open further, the edges of the petals become serrated and the red markings become more distinctive. The inside of a fully open bloom is even more splendid. Often, the red markings are form the shape of a maple leaf.

These photos are all of the same group of tulips in the garden of one of our stitching members.

Canada Tulips

Canada Tulips

Canada Tulips

Canada Tulips

Happy 150th birthday Canada.


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