All’s well that ends well

It has been a long time since you have heard from me which deserves and explanation. In late 2014, I began to get sick. The months passed and I got sicker and sicker. After a number of admissions to hospital, this was diagnosed as an infection which had got into my blood, central nervous system, heart, finishing up with shingles and chronic pain. It was not much fun at all. As my husband, Julian, has Parkinsons Desease, and neither of us was able to look after the other, we moved to Seniors Residence where dinner is provided. It took all the able bodied hands in the family to move us plus a huge amount of downsizing.

Shingles and chronic pain made me seek and find a therapist who could treat these effectivly. It took treatment plus spending many months of sitting around doing almost nothing to get my health back. In the Fall of 2016, an apartment with larger rooms and a terrace became available so we moved again.
It has been busy around here!

Julian has retired from loading my Blog which is now being done by our son, Peter. Having decided to move it to a different system, it had to be reprocessed and reloaded. As Peter works full time, this is a spare time occupation and has taken months. The end is now in sight.

A project for me during the health recovery process was to update and broaden the information in Hand Stitch Recognizable Spring Flowers which has created a 2nd edition. There are extra flowers, a larger section on planning your own garden, contributions from other stitchers and many suggestions on how the flowers could be incorporated into other projects.

My website is also new and contains the most recent gardens created by members of a recent class.

I hope that you will enjoy browsing new entries and revisiting some of the old ones.

Ann Stitching

Here is a photo to prove that I exist and that I continue to stitch. I am finishing the backing on a piece called Majestica. As the frame is round, I had to make frames for this and its companion piece, Exotica. They will both be in my next book.
Making frames is not difficult. I have a wonderful time working on stitching projects.

The next entry will feature the new embroidery I made for the cover of 2nd edition. You can find this and its companion ebook on stitching Summer Flowers at

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