Welcome to my new web site.

Dear Readers,

After a long rest from blogging, Stitching Idyllic is now alive again and has a new home at Stitching Idyllic by Ann Bernard. The website has been updated so all of my loyal readers will continue to receive updates from the new site by email. Please update your bookmarks with the new web site address.

The first entry, ‘All’s Well that Ends Well‘ will explain why this happened. Please note a change has been made and an alternative topic, The Canadian Embroiderer’s Guild Guelph will be featured. The Guild gave its members a project this last year – stitch a 6 inch square in any fabric, any style, any colour, any stitch – on What Canada means to Me – in honour of Canada’s 150th Birthday Celebration on July 1st

The results are very interesting and I have the Guild’s permission to share them with you. The series is seven days long, starting Thursday June 29 and finishing on, Thursday July 6 with no publication on July 4.

The site is still a work in progress so please be patient and know that all good things take time.

Ann Bernard

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