From west to east – from north to south – it is all, ‘Our Canada’!

The seventh in the series from The Canadian Embroiderer’s Guild of Guelph for Canada’s 150th birthday and today is from west to east – from north to south – it is all, ‘Our Canada’!

My Canada

I am proud to say that I have traveled all across Canada – all 10 provinces and 2 territories. Nunavut is the only place I have missed which is why it is white. The silver french knots represent cities I have lived in from Vancouver to Kingston. Raw edge Applique in red and white.

My Canada Map

The Province of Ontario

Ontario borders the northern shores of Lakes Ontario, Erie, Huron (eastern) and Superior. Our provincial flower is the Trillium which grows wild in the woods and blooms during May.

Province of Ontario

The Red Barn

My Grandpa had a farm with a large red barn and my Grandma had a beautiful flower garden in LaSalle, Quebec by the St Lawrence River. This is dedicated to all Canadian farmers that have kept us nourished over the years.

The Red Barn

The Bluenose

Fifty nine years ago I arrived in Canada and six years later I chose to become a Canadian Citizen. Canada is home for me. I am proud to celebrate 150th anniversary of this beautiful, rich and diverse country. Each time I go shopping, the dime with the “Bluenose” on it in my wallet reminds me how fortunate I am to live in Canada.


Arctic Spring

Northern Canada is vast and almost barren. Inuit have built Inukshuks from unworked stone for centuries. These markers were used for communication and survival. One of their traditional meanings is “You are on the right path”. I believe that Canada is on the right path.

Arctic Spring

My Canada

“West Montrose Covered Bridge”. Living in the Guelph / Fergus / Elora area provides not only wonderful scenery, but also, wonderful examples of our history. These are living reminders of what it took to create communities out of a wilderness.

West Montrose Covered Bridge

Canada’s Guardians

I was raised along the St Lawrence River. To me, Canada is beautiful rivers, lakes and mountains. I also love lighthouses which are mysterious. It makes one wonder what these lighthouses have witnessed. My piece is based on the lakes, rivers so prevalent in Canada.

Canada's Guardians

First Nations

We should all take time to remember that the Europeans were not the first people to call Canada home. Many people called this land home for thousands of years before the first Europeans landed on our shores.

First Nations


Thank you for viewing this project from the Canadian Embroiderer’s Guild of Guelph for Canada’s 150th birthday and sharing the collaboration. There will be one last posting in this series tomorrow.

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    • Marg Gillies
    • July 6, 2017

    These wonderful pieces of art were impressive and reading the thoughtful stories gave me even more to think about, especially the last piece.

    • Marg Hyde
    • July 8, 2017

    Ann Thank you so much for sending me your blog .The one with the red barn was my favorite as that reminds me of home.It was a wonderful show!!
    Also the lighthouse and First Nations stand out for me as I was raised on the shores .
    Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Reply

      Thank you for your comments and I appreciate your interest. I am glad you are enjoying the wonderful work of the stitchers.

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