Our views of Canada

The sixth in the series from The Canadian Embroiderer’s Guild of Guelph for Canada’s 150th birthday and today is about our views of Canada.

My Canada

As Canadians we don’t make a fuss about being Canadian. We tend to be rather reserved. I hope that these samples of our needlework will shout out that we are proud to be Canadian more loudly than our spoken words.

My Canada

Tom Thomson – artist

Born 1877 Died July 8, 1917 on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park. His most famous works are – West Wind, Jack Pine, The Birches, The Drive.

Canoe Lake

Canadian Family

Canada is a mosaic of people and my family is no exception. We are blessed to have a diversity of background and we all learn from each other.

Canadian Family

The Cloth of our Canada

“If it wisna’ fir the weavers, what would ye do?”

Folk respected for their skills, their creativity, their resourcefulness, brought with them the tools and materials of their trade. Manufacturing, visual arts, and social justice. And their strong sense of equality.

They wove the cloth of our Canada.

Cloth Of Our Canada

The Red Canoe

Eric and Liz were married at our family cottage in 2014. Eric restored the canoe and made their paddles. Nothing says Canada more than a red canoe on a beautiful Muskoka lake.

The Canoe

“What Canada means to me”

friendship from coast to coast
a cup of coffee…
that starts a conveersation,
heals a friendship
begins the day, warm, comforting, ubiquitous, a smile, your home, our home.



Bonne Fete

My Canada

“We had to walk over a mile to school”…. “Sure, sure, uphill both ways”. Scots settlers made sure there was a school for every child…and universities, and libraries, and stories and songs. Step by step, those cold, weary walks built our Canada.

My Canada School

My Canadian Ribbons

My ribbons are a result of great exposure to many options in this country. My parents came to Bath, Ontario in 1953. With my two brothers we lived in a house built in 1784 for soldiers. I did 4H and Church groups learning. We had a terrific education,

The dates are significant in my life and the ribbons are some of my personal accolades.

My Canadian Ribbons

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    • Marg Gillies
    • July 6, 2017

    These squares too show how each of us has a story to tell – enjoyed reading these memories too.

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