The Country Wife Mural 3

The ladies choir is in full voice.  Look at their faces, their expressions, their hats and their clothes.  Fabric was in short supply in those post war years so that it is possible that the different fabrics came from available stashes.  Make do and mend was still prevalent at the time.  Note the shoes and the different leg shapes.  The lady in the pink dress is wearing stockings that are not her skin colour.  I do not know how tall these ladies in the mural are.  I have a lot more questions than I have answers.

The group of ladies on the right hand side of the mural are different to the choir ladies.  They seem to be a little younger and are dressed differently.  The conductor? is a man but do not know what this group are doing.  The two younger ladies are not wearing hats.

Another cameo from the left hand side of the mural.  This appears to be a scene from a kitchen with Grandma and a young child.  But I am not sure what the young lady is doing.  There is a fish (Dover Sole or Plaice?) in this area of the mural that was attached to the background with Velcro.  During the Festival, the fish disappeared several times and had to be replaced.  Judging by her facial expression, the young lady is absorbed in her activity.  We will meet the cat again later.

The central area in the Church or Village Hall is well lit and much easier to see details.  This is the next blog entry and is where the action is.

Please send me comments and memories of Constance Howard.  She was very influential in the textile world and her design style was unique.  Note the shape and structure of the faces in this mural.  The facial expressions of the ladies are both graphic and full of character.  The mural is undergoing restoration at this time so it is not possible to go somewhere and see it.  It is possible to become involved either as a stitcher or a financial donor, or both.  There will be more information on this in another posting.





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    The lady in the blue dress could be Sheila!!

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      Hello Donna, Good to hear from you. Now that you bring the likeness between Constance Howard and Sheila to my attention, I can see it too. But Sheila, never, ever, had green hair. They were both, ‘great ladies’.

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