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More Summer Flowers – a Second Peek

 Lavender  Lavender is featured in Water Garden and Briarwood Garden. Lavender is a bushy plant with long, delicate stems and leaves. The blue/mauve flowers form long spikes with a knobby  texture. It looks to be related to Veronica but the structure and colour of the leaves are different. Stalks and Leaves: Green 988 (2). Flowers: […]


Summer Garden Flowers – Take a Peek

Hello Friends and Fellow Stitchers, Lazy Daisy stitches and French Knots have been used forever for portraying flowers.  Using alternative but basic stitches was my mission when I developed and then published Hand Stitching Recognizable Summer Flowers.  After much experimentation and, many failures, here are the results.  You will not have to do what I […]


Stamford Bridge Tapestry Project 1066- updated.

Here is a new video that updates us on the progress made to the Stamford Bridge Tapestry.  I wrote about this project a few months ago.  The video will tell you and show you the embroidery in progress. Here is a repeat of  the historical background. 1066 was a bad year for England.  Very bad […]