Straw Embroidery. A historical technique that has been revived and modernize.

It is a pleasure to introduce you to Natalia Lashko.  She uses straw as her creative medium and her pieces are dazzling.  Her website includes pictures of many pieces some of which are floral and others are religious.

Snail by Natalia Lashko

Straw was used in Russia since the 16th century (according to some sources – even much earlier) as an imitation of gold embroidery.  Natalia was aware the actual process had been lost over time.  Through much experimentation, trial and error, Natalia began a journey of discovery, including her love of quilting (as evidenced by the fabric selections she draws together in her work).  To further her knowledge and skills she travels the world, visiting exhibitions, holding courses and master classes with leading foreign masters of patchwork, a word she uses to describe her pieces.

Natalia has developed her own style of straw embroidery;  one that creates dimension by not necessarily sewing each piece of straw as it might if it were thread stitched. As a result Natalia has taken straw embroidery into the current century.  The straw works of Natalia look both traditional and original and alive. Her masterpieces of straw that may take as long as five years to complete.  Her works, some being 5 feet in length, may be found in private collections in Israel, France, Russia and Poland.

                                                                     Madonna and child

According to Natalia, “Straw is a flexible material. Working with it is difficult and at the same time enjoyable. ”  There was difficulty with portraits, because they have to be graceful and beautiful. I had a lot of experimenting. Imagine the face of  Jesus just two millimeters and centimeters, in which I must depict the eyes, nose, lips, and that it was a child, with plump cheeks that he was beautiful. From all that I have embroidered, and this many characters, Jesus was for me a pleasure.

The Straw Shop is privileged to be the only American website granted permission to share her works.

I googled their site.  I found information on straw and several examples of its use.  I did not find anything by Natalia Lashko.  This is free publicity for you both.

You can see more of her creative work by entering Natalia Lashko on your browser and clicking on Images.

Enjoy; and be dazzled.







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    Wow, that’s amazing! Thank you so much for sharing Ann.

    1. Reply

      Jessica, Thank you for your comment. It is a very unusual technique I think. Ann

    • CarolineOdile
    • September 23, 2018

    Thank you, This is beautiful. I din’t know Natalia Lashko and straw embroidery.
    I realy enjoy.

    1. Reply

      Caroline, Good to hear from you. Glad that yo enjoyed this post. It not only looks beautiful, but it looks difficult too.
      Thanks, Ann

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