Stamford Bridge Tapestry is making progress.

There are three embroideries/tapestries that record the events in England  in 1066.  The first was the Battle of Fulford Gate which was won by the invading Vikings.  The second was the Battle of Stamford Bridge which the Saxons won and which ended the Viking’s career of invading and marauding communities in the northern hemisphere.  These two battles affected the outcome of the Battle of Hastings and changed the course of medieval history.

The Stamford Bridge Tapestry Project is progressing well as you can see..  Sarah Hart took these photos at their display in early September.

To see more photos, go to Facebook Stamford Bridge Tapestry 1066 page.

Sarah’s photos are copyrighted but I do not know how to communicate with her to ask if I may post these two for you.

You can read more about lO66 and this Embroidery/Tapestry in the August 2018 postings on this site.  It was a pivotal year in history.  When I  learned history many years ago nothing was mentioned about these other battles. It always puzzled me why an invading army who had to bring all their men, horses and supplies was able to defeat a determined and hostile Saxon army on their own land. The significance of these other two battles has only been recognized in recent years.  Yes, I am totally aware of the D Day landings but the defenders of France were not French citizens.

History is an intriguing subject.  Events that happened hundreds of years ago affect our lives now.  That is today’s truism!

This is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada.  Our first thanksgiving was in 1578 when Sir Martin Frobisher and his crew arrived back in Newfoundland after surviving a perilous voyage looking for a North West Passage.  In the following centuries, the thanks have been for surviving hardship and wars. It is now a thanksgiving for the harvest and for becoming Canadian.

Best wishes to all readers and thank you for following and reading this blog.

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    • Heather Cawte
    • October 4, 2018

    Happy Thanksgiving, Ann! Thanks for featuring us again, we really appreciate the exposure. Now that we’re at the point of adding the borders, it’s even more obvious that we’re making this in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry. We’re really happy with how it’s going 😄

    1. Reply

      Hello Heather, It is good to see the progress that you are all making. I always find it interesting to see how things are made. The finished product will be impressive but it is nice to be aware of the stages in between.
      Happy Thanksgiving to your Stitchers.

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