Spring Flowers Ebook – Make a Beautiful Embroidered Garden Come to Life

Make a Beautiful Embroidered Garden Come to Life – $14.99

Imagine an idyllic garden filled with your favourite spring flowers – now you can make it come to life with this step-by-step guide to embroidering a beautiful garden scene!

Find concise instruction on how to stitch 23 different spring flowers and trees. You’ll learn how using unique adaptations of only four basic stitches – Straight, Detached Chain, Buttonhole and French Knots.

Both novice and experienced stitchers will certainly improve their embroidery skills while creating an original garden scene that is unique and made by you.

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Ann Bernard trained at the Royal School of Needlework and has a lifetime of stitching experience and tips to share. Her approach makes stitching fun and easy-to-learn with detailed directions, diagrams and photos leading you every step of the way.

I have also included a preview of the Hand Stitch Recognizable Spring Flowers Ebook that you may download in PDF format.


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I have added reviews that are from the Ebook.


Once in a lifetime, a keen student obtains an authoritative text which becomes a firm foundation for everything that follows. In the world of botanical embroidery – this is that text. It is not the fanciful embroidery of the Jacobeans, nor the drooping coils of Art Nouveau. This is the rendering of botanically correct images using embroidery thread with due attention to hue and colour. It uses the techniques artists use to create the infinite complexity of natural patterns. Follow the detailed instructions and the numerous illustrations and you will be exploring all the different yellows to contrast the daffodil with the crocus. Perhaps you will be making your first detailed observations of the arrangement of leaves on a plant stem. Others will then recognize the plants in the embroidery garden you have created.

With profuse illustrations of stitched gardens, real flowers, embroidered flowers as well as line drawings and how-to diagrams, Ann brings you a lifetime of dedication to embroidery and botany. Anyone who is new to embroidery (as I was) will be successful if they follow her detailed instructions on preparation, colour choice and methods for stitching flowers. Your garden will bloom!
Bridget O’Brien, Guelph ON

This book had me itching to start stitching. The level of detail is wonderful for new stitchers and great for experienced stitchers to help maintain good stitching habits. She tells us how to do a certain operation and what not to do from her experience. I thought that was great for those of us who do not follow directions very well. Looking forward to your next book.
Marsha Fontes, Cambridge ON

Ann Bernard has written a wonderful instruction book on how to stitch miniature garden flowers. Ann’s instructions are so clear and precise I would have no difficulty in achieving excellent results. It is plain this work is dear to her heart. The numerous illustrations of her exquisite flowers demonstrate her dedication to achieving extremely lifelike results. They almost look like garden photos that have been altered with special effects, not pictures painted with thread! The book is also very readable and it’s like having the charming, affable Ann in the room; I could almost hear her voice as I read it! Every embroiderer who loves flowers should have a copy of this book in their personal library!
Lilith Muramasa, Guelph ON

This 2nd edition of Hand Stitch Recognizable Spring Flowers is a good book to learn how to create and embroider spring flowers in an easy, free style manner. Included are wonderful, full coloured photographs and examples. Only four basic stitches are used. The beginner stitcher will feel a sense of confidence as she works through the very clear step-by-step instructions. This book is a good investment for the beginner but also for intermediate and other stitchers who may appreciate help in creating designs. The informal conversational style of the contents is engaging. It is, as if you are taking a class, one on one, with Ann in your own living room.
Ann Bernard is to be congratulated for the time and effort put into producing this extremely helpful book. Her teaching and stitching experience come through the words.
Alison Jackson, Cambridge