Stitching Idyllic Ebooks


Go to and then to Bookstore.

Scroll down through the categories to Crafts & Hobbies. If you do not see the books immediately, click on Show More From This Category to display all books which will include

Hand Stitch Recognizable Spring Flowers (Second Edition) and

Hand Stitch Recognizable Summer Flowers

Click once only on the book(s) you wish to purchase and ‘Your Shopping Cart’ will appear. When you are satisfied with your choice(s) and are certain that your email address is correctly displayed, click on Checkout and follow the instructions concerning the payment options.

Be aware that you are purchasing a digital download. It is advisable to download it first to your computer (PC or Mac), if you have one, and then, to your iPad or larger tablet. When it is on your computer, it will always be there for reference. These books are not intended to be used on phones or smaller tablets as their screens are too small to show text, diagrams and photos together.

Within minutes of completion of the transaction you should receive an email from eBookIt. It will confirm your purchase and give you download instructions. If it does not appear, check your Spam and Junk email boxes. You are given a choice of three download formats depending on the device you are using. The pdf format will likely suit most users but some will require the epub or mobi format; don’t worry if you make a mistake the first time – you may download either or both of the others and sort it out later.

You must complete all your downloads within 24 hours. It is also for your personal use only.

The low price of these books as published by eBookIt should be affordable to everyone.

If you are experiencing difficulty with the download, contact for help.

Thank you for your interest in this new form of stitching. I hope that you enjoy reading both of these books and stitching up a storm of beautiful flowers.